COL. Montgomery "Shining Brass" Cross

Northern Division Commander of Iron Sons


Rank – Colonel
Class – Marshal
Archetype – ??
Level – ??
Age – 46
Height – 1.80m
Weight – 75 kg


“Shining Brass” was General Chauk’s highest ranking division commander—authority
over seven cells in the North, including “The Black Dogs”.

Six months ago, he fell off network. No warning, no other signs of distress from him or his men.

He’s considered to be a very intelligent man of vast experience, and he knows the true identity of general Chauk.

Cross took his Leviathan accident as a sign and chose to defect from the “Iron Sons”, taking some of his soldiers with him. They were accepted by a Chaparran village somewhere in the forest, and Cross has adopted a chaparran teenager called Espa.

Cross later embarked on a mission to “clean” the heart of the forest along with his men. He was discovered as a zombie at the “heart of the forest” lair and was disposed of by the mission team.

COL. Montgomery "Shining Brass" Cross

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